Bricks and mortar do not make a school. Of the many things that give an educational institution its soul, perhaps the most important is the faculty.

In fact, at TRINITY PUBLIC SCHOOL, we believe a school is only as good as the teachers it has. And, as the teacher – student relationship, one of the first ties the child forms outside the family is quite special in its own sense and way.

This is why we handpick the best of teachers, train them rigorously, and organize workshops and refresher programmes regularly to keep them abreast with the latest techniques and methodologies being developed internationally in the field of education. Each and every one of our staff members has imbibed our unique philosophy and worldview. They teach, inspire and rouse our students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Anita Mahajan Principal M.sc. , B.ed.
Anju Bala PRT MA, B.ed.
Aruna Devi TGT MA, B.ed.
kawaljit Kaur PRT BA, B.ed.
Suman bala PRT MA, B.ed.
Helly Mahajan TGT MA, B.ed.
Navneet Kaur TGT M.sc. , B.ed.
Rajwant Kaur TGT MA, B.ed.
Arpan PRT BA, B.ed.
Deeksha Mohan PRT BA, B.ed.
Ruby Rani TGT B.sc. , B.ed.
Sukhdeep singh TGT MA, B.ed.
Sandeep PTI C.P.E.D.
Heena  Special Educator D.ed.(Special Education)
Seema TGT M.sc.(IT) , B.ed.
Shallu Khanna PRT M.sc. , B.ed.
Nishi Mahajan NTT BA, N.T.T.
Sukhwinder kaur TGT MCA
Preeti clerk BA


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